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Being a web based system, security issues ranked highly during the development of eCaster and we have implemented numerous measures to ensure the system is as secure as technology will permit. The result is that the eCaster system is the most secure on-line casting system around the world today. In fact, some of the eCaster system security measures are not found in other competing systems.

The security characteristics of the system occur at various levels. Firstly the system program language uses a customised authentication system and all pages with sensitive data will be encrypted utilizing 128bit ssl technology which can only be accessed by accredited industry professionals.

Also all reasonable attempts are made to ensure that only legitimate users register on the system as access is password protected. Each member has a password that must comprise of sixteen (16) digit characters (comprising of alpha and numeric in both lower and upper case). Each and every failed login attempt is monitored by the system to identify unauthorised use. Continual failed logins will result in the automatic de-activation of the account. Passwords are not visible anywhere throughout the system, ensuring that passwords are only known to the individual eCaster Network member.  Should members forget their passwords an automated password will be automatically reissued to the members nominated email address upon clicking the “Forgotten Password” link and entering the member’s username.

Members can also establish a guest password to permit authorised clients to view their artist profiles only and not without personal confidential information.
eCaster adopts a permissions tool where many of the features of the system can be de-activated, therefore restricting user access to sensitive areas.

In addition, eCaster is hosted on a dedicated file server in a secure data center which ensures that we have full control over the system.