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About eCaster

  About eCaster

eCaster is the most sophisticated and comprehensive on-line casting system specifically developed for eCaster Network members comprising of actors, models, agents and casting professionals.

Drawing on over 21 years of industry experience and adopting cutting edge internet technology, eCaster safely and efficiently streamlines the casting process. But eCaster is more than just an on-line casting system.  It's a marketing, communication, job and agency management tool which is secure and very easy to use.

Accredited Casting Directors, Advertising Agencies and Producers regularly utilse eCaster to search for artists for their productions, compile and distribute casting notices and to manage the casting process.

Agents use eCaster to submit artist’s on-line profiles in response to casting notices, to communicate with artists via email and/or 2-way sms and to manage artist’s activities. Integrating with eAgencie booking and accounting system, eCaster provides the complete agency management tool.

If you’re an aspiring or experienced actor or model, then eCaster is the essential tool for you. eCaster broadens your exposure by placing your complete on-line portfolio comprising of photos, resume, video show reel, audio reels and profile breakdown at the precise moment casting professionals are searching for talent.