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How eCaster online casting can benefit you
Actors and Models

  Why eCaster


eCaster is a private computerised network comprised of professional agents, casting directors, production companies, photographers and advertising agencies. Network members use eCaster to send job breakdowns to agents and/or search for suitable artists meeting their required look, skill, training and experience.

This sophisticated and comprehensive electronic casting system instantaneously puts your most complete portfolio in the hands of the casting professional at the moment they are booking for a role or job. But it's more than a professional electronic database, eCaster is an easy to use and secure marketing, communications, and job management system developed entirely in consultation with industry professionals.

Being a member of eCaster arms you and your agent with the necessary tools to most effectively market you!

Jobs that are cast on eCaster include:

  • Feature and Short films, Television Drama, Television Commercials and Theatrical work.
  • Featured and non-featured extras work on film and television projects.
  • Commercial photographic shoots, catwalk and promotional work.
  • Voice Over work for film, television and radio projects.
  • Comedy roles for various film, television and theatrical stage assignments.
  • Musicians and Singers for various entertainment projects.


Here's what you get:

A searchable on-line portfolio containing:

  • Up to 10 thumbnail photos which can be enlarged for easy viewing.
  • An extensive looks database that details all your appearance attributes.
  • A comprehensive skills database which details any special skills that you possess.
  • Up to 3 minutes of video show reels.
  • Up to 3 Minutes of audio reels.
  • An on-line resume listing all jobs and professional training you have undertaken and any accolades that you have received.
  • Printable headshots, comp cards and resume.
  • The ability to create and print high quality business cards.
  • Contact details of your agent or yourself (if you are not represented).

A communications system to effectively communicate with your agent and other industry professionals within the eCaster system, via e-mail and/or 2-way sms messaging.

A personal on-line Scheduler which can be viewed and updated for job appointments by you or your agent.

Unrepresented artists can use the Agent Representation feature to submit your portfolio to selected agents to seek representation.


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