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  Agents Overview

eCaster is a powerful and robust web based agency management system that maintains extensive details of your clients, actors, models, extras and projects. eCaster offers you an end-to-end solution from streamlining the entire booking process from artist submission right through to job booking.

Here's what you get:

No more thumbing through artist's files and photos. eCaster safely and easily maintains a comprehensive portfolio of all your actors and models. The searchable on-line artist portfolios contain:
  • Detailed contact details for all your artists.
  • A Looks Database which details all extensive attributes about your artists’ physical appearance.
  • A comprehensive Skills Database which details any special skills that your artists possess.
  • Up to 3 minutes of video show reels.
  • Up to 3 Minutes of audio reels.
  • An on-line résumé listing all jobs and professional training that your artists have undertaken and any accolades that they have received.
  • Facilities to easily print your artist's headshots, comp cards, resume and business cards.
  • The booking agents contact details for each artist.
  • Notes page where agents can maintain notes about individual artists and their performance classification in accordance with the MEAA or in agents in-house customised performance classification scales.
  • Other artist searchable details such as lists of suitable and unsuitable roles, locations and Union membership details.
An extensive database about your agency detailing categories and locations of artists you represent, agency and employee booking agents’ contact details.
Find new faces through the artist scout system which searches for artists who are unrepresented and are seeking representation.
Effectively communicate with your clients and artists within the eCaster communication system, via e-mail and/or 2-way sms messaging.
Track your artists through the entire booking process from submissions to booking confirmations.
View and maintain schedules of all your artists and agency employees.

Agents Benefits in Detail