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Casting Professionals

  Casting Professionals Overview

eCaster is a robust and easy to use web based casting system suitable for Casting Directors, Casting Consultants, Producers, Advertising Agencies and Photographers. Create jobs on the eProject management system and request artist submissions from artists in accordance with your role breakdown or search for artists on line to meet your specific criteria. Effectively manage the casting process from receipt of submissions, audition selections right through to artist bookings via their respective agents.

Here's what you get:

eProject management system to maintain all relevant details pertaining to your job. Such information includes:
  • Contact details of the invoicing client, the casting director/consultant, the producer, advertising agent, photographer.
  • Details about the job location, travel information, market usage, audition, call back and job dates, wardrobe, stylist information.
  • Details about the job and breakdown details of the roles together with negotiated fees for the roles.
  • Electronically forward role breakdowns to all or selected agents.
  • Agents' submissions are appropriately stored for audition selection and appointment scheduling.
  • Create notes for each artist auditioned and interactively select artists for callbacks or job bookings.
Conduct a dynamic search of all artists and their agents based on your customised search criteria.
Effectively communicate with clients, agents and other industry professionals that are part of the project within the system, and or by e-mail, and/or sms messaging.
Maintain a personal scheduler and all associated employees'.

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