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Antoinette Van Geet I was the friendly checkout chick for a 7/11 commercial
Antoinette Van Geet I started as the scenic painter and set designer. This led to many workshops and a part as the sister of a dead soldier in the play 'Bury the Dead'.
Antoinette Van Geet Formed in 2006 it brought into practice my experience as a scenic painter (with the ABC) and set designer (New Theatre) plus co-director, production and props. We put on various plays in which I played bit parts, as a prostitute, an angel, a narrator and singing parts.
Antoinette Van Geet Co-wrote a short play called 'Love, Lust and Lies' (can be seen on Utube) for Tropfest.
I played the part of the cheated wife. It was a clever twist but some of this was missed at the editing stage.
Antoinette Van Geet Did a presentation video for 'Ambassador Abroad' speaking to Uni students encouraging them to do a year abroad working in 3rd world countries.
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