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Remidee Hayes On the weekend Remidee played the role of Annie, her first role as a main character and the whole story was around her character who was very sick and eventually passed away and Remidee played Annie in the afterlife as being happy and painfree. Remidee is only 5yrs old and worked on this short film both Saturday afternoon and all day sunday from early morning to evening after an hour and a half drive to locations, she did very well and didn't complain or whinge and did a wonderful job.
Remidee is presented by Howell Management
Lawrence Ola Lawrence has had a busy few weeks having shot two projects for a major Bank brand, as well another collaboration with mattress brand Sleeping Duck. He was also cast a Presenter for an upcoming campaign for the QLD Government, shot in Brisbane. All projects are set to be released later in 2020.

Lawrence is represented by Howell Management.