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Sarah-Jane Foley Extra, University Student, a normal day at college when an earthquake hits and the students need to clean up the campus.
Summer Robertson Summer played the American Accent Speaking role of "Anna" in "The Best Medicine". Summer is proudly represented by Gilchrist Management.
John David Sayles John will be showing his versatility in the stage play "The Woman in Black", as he is portraying seven different characters. It opens on Friday 3rd October at Mousetrap Theatre, Redcliffe Qld.
Krichelle Rummeny Krichelle was recently cast in the new RACQ Campaign.

Krichelle is proudly represented by Creme Management.
Sabrina Sanguigno Sabrina was recently cast in another Credited Main Role Eva in a Short Film Called
My Love for NYFA.
Sabrina is proudly represented by Gilchrist Management Acting Division.
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