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Jacob Davis Represented by NEBULA AGENCIES picked up his second well paid TV commercial in less than a month. A good actor but sometimes its the right "look" in TVC's.
Julie Freer I played the part of Donna and enjoyed speaking and performing a stunt.
Gibson Group production
Kylie Riddle Kylie Riddle has just finished on set for 3010 Pilot. She was acting and fighting alongside Australian Actors such as John Batchelor in this sci-fi drama. Kylie is proudly represented by Gilchrist Management
Christie-Lee Britten Christie-Lee Britten features in the latest national Subway TVC for the limited edition $7 Subway Melt. Represented by Gilchrist Management
Isabella McDonald Isabella features on the latest studio Bambini website on facebook in a paper doll series by Mazzer photographics.
« [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 » 43 Records - Page 1 of 9