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Get in our spotlight! Let us know if you have been cast recently and see what your fellow artists have accomplished.

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Tessa Rao Tessa has just completed the highly successful 2 week season in the cast of Shoulda Woulda Coulda with the Auckland Theatre Company's "The Next Big Thing Festival . Excellent reviews by Theatre View , Theatre Scenes and What's Good . Tessa is proud to be represented by The Pro Actors .
Steve Mack Steve was sought out by the Producer & Directors of 'Mute' and offered the choice of the two lead roles, for which he chose to play the Priest.

'MUTE' is a film adaptation of the Stephen King novella of the same name, and was contractually made under license to Stephen King. In return, the completed film (now in final post stage) will be viewed personally and retained by Stephen King and shared with other directors and industry professionals, with the option of becoming a full-length feature film.

Limited public viewing at non-profit film festivals world-wide, is permitted once approved by Stephen King himself.
Jayden McGinlay Jayden recently played FRIEDRICH in the Gordon Frost production of 'The Sound of Music' at QPAC. Jayden is represented by Ego Management.
Kieran McGinlay Kieran recently returned home from Cameron Mackintosh's International Tour of 'Les Miserables', playing the role of Gavroche. Kieran is represented by Ego Management.
Joshua Rye Represented by NEBULA AGENCIES has just completed a role as a featured Mate in the Qld Gov - Health TV commercial
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