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Who's in the Spotlight?

Get in our spotlight! Let us know if you have been cast recently and see what your fellow artists have accomplished.

Steve Mack Back in the spotlight, is local Brisbane talent (our own quiet achiever) ? Steve Mack.

Steve has been steadily adding to his 31 year long, feature film CV for this year. Directed by the likes of much acclaimed veteran Director Russell Mulcahy, and acting alongside of such actors as David Wenham, Thomas Cocquerel, Isabel Lucas, Clive Standen & William Moseley (to name a few), on huge productions like IN LIKE FLYNN.

Editing is nearing completion for next years 2 hour Horror release of BABAROGA; in which Steve plays Professor Summers (sporting a convincing Russian accent ? which is one of his favourites to do).

Steve is just about to step back on set of Paul Days' epic film MAGDALA ROSE; where he brings to life the character 'Friar Tomas'.

With the successful premiere & sales launch of the powerful RHUBARB AND CUSTARD (playing DR. Mallory), Steve hasn't rested on his laurels by any means ? Writing and directing 2 short films (that we know of!) on his own; ?just for something to do?, as well as working on THE PITCH.

Slated for filming this year - Steve will be acting in other major productions, including Mack Lindons' Sci-Fi DUNAMIS, and the feature version of PATCHED.

...And we're only half way through the year yet!
- Stay tuned.