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Steve Mack Queensland Actor Steve Mack, has been nominated for two categories in this years Australian Screen Industry Network Awards, for

Best Actor
Members Choice

Please show your support for Steve by voting for him: n-awards-2016-voting.html
Breanna Williamson Breanna has landed a bit part in an upcoming feature film shooting in Qld.
Breanna is proudly represented by Creme Artist Management.
Steve Mack Represented by NEBULA AGENCIES recently appeared in 'Venus Envy' Band Video in the HERO (SPEAKING) + VO role: Intro story for video Directed by Stephen Green
Steve Mack Represented by NEBULA AGENCIES has just finished the lead role of the Russian Bartender in Zane Bryants production of The Golden Pony.
Catherine Kerrisk Represented by NEBULA AGENCIES has recently appeared as a Presenter in an Early Learning Framework Programming video.
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