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Cloe Mayne Cloe was crowned Junior Miss Country Girl Australia
Sabrina Sanguigno Sabrina will appear on Chanel 10 for Crocamole Thunderbird Park and Springbrook Episodes.
Sabrina Sanguigno Sabrina will appear on Foxtel Show soon.
Sabrina Sanguigno Sabrina has been Sponsored By Tutudumonde for a Film Premier.
Steve Mack Featuring Steve Mack - Voted 'Best supporting Actor' (2016 Christian Online Film Festival)

Written & Directed by John Hopper - (C) Foriam Studios 2016
Produced by Tom Verdouw
Director of Photography: Alex Clegg
Cinematography by Caleb Trevatt
Music by Mitchell Poloni

Starring Jason Muller, Nathan Hedger, Steve Mack and Salvatore Merenda

Latest Update: Gone was screened during the Golden Frames International Short Film Festival on 23-24 April 2016.

This is India's biggest short film festival in which 100+ films from over 50 countries were shown.

Not only was Gone one of the only films that was Australian but also a Christian film that was shown in a country that has 80% of its' population being Hindu.

Global Submissions include:

- Christian Online Film Festival
- Los Angeles Cinefest (Film Submission)
- MOFF (Milan Online Film Festival)
- Blackbird Film Fest
- West End Film Festival
- Brisbane Backyard Film Festival (Trailer & Film)
- CLIFF2016 (Christian Life International Film Festival)
- Neu World International Film Festival
- Trinity International Film Festival
- Spanky Crank Media Festival
- UK Screen One International Film Festival

When Jason wakes up to a thief breaking into his house, nothing prepares him for what happens next. This is a story of life, love and faith as the conversation the two men have leads to a decision that will change their lives for all eternity.