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Who's in the Spotlight?

Get in our spotlight! Let us know if you have been cast recently and see what your fellow artists have accomplished.

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Jayden McGinlay Jayden won the Centrescreen Award for Best Actor for his performance in the Bond University graduation film, The Best Medicine, playing the lead role of Walter. Jayden is represented by Ego Management.
Georgia Hahn Georgia had a wonderful time being the face for the Australian and European 'yes He is' Christmas campaign.
Georgia Hahn Georgia had a wonderful shoot at Suncorp Stadium with Greg Inglis, gearing up for the State of Origin in 2015! Georgia is proudly represented by Ego Management.
Isabella Rose Bella Rose was recently cast in a lead role in a Regional TVC for McGrath Funerals. Bella Rose can be booked for your next project by contacting Gilchrist Management.
Paul Armstrong Represented by NEBULA AGENCIES has just spent a few days on set of the feature film Bullets for the Dead. Had a great time playing a Zombie.
« [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 » 37 Records - Page 1 of 8