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How eCaster online casting can benefit you
Actors and Models

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Artist's Profile

eCaster safely maintains your extensive portfolio which you can update at any time. Your unique and extensive portfolio maintains all relevant information about you to assist in job searches, e-pitching, communications and job management.

Your on-line Portfolio contains:

  • Your personal professional web-site containing up to ten (10) photos which are stored as thumbnails and can be enlarged for easy viewing by the casting professionals .
  • Your Looks Database which details all your physical attributes.
  • Your comprehensive Skills Database containing details of any special skills that you possess which can be searched by a client that are required to meet a specific skills for a role or job.
  • Up to 3 minutes of MPEG video show reels that can be viewed on-line to give you that competitive edge.
  • Up to 3 minutes of audio reels that are stored in MP3 format.
  • Your on-line resume, listing all jobs that you have done together with any formal training that you possess.
  • Facility to easily print your head-shots, comp cards, resumes, business cards and other marketing material saving you time and printing costs.
  • Additional information maintained within your profile includes an extensive database containing all your contact details, your agent, listing of jobs that you don't wish to be considered for, roles that you are suitable for, taxation, superannuation and union membership details.


Freelance Artists Seeking Representation

Once you have successfully prepared your on-line portfolio you can peruse the extensive database of professional agents in your area and electronically send your profile to the agent of your choice, requesting representation. Your complete profile is now in the hands of the agent where he or she evaluates your portfolio for suitability. Should they wish to represent you, you are immediately added to the agent's artists' roster and become exposed to the all the jobs that your agent receives.



Being able to effectively communicate with your agent and other industry participants is critical to you. The eCaster system has adopted and implemented every electronic communication method available.  eCaster enables you to send messages to individual or multiple network members via email and sms with a message receipt option to ensure that your message is received.


Artist Submissions

The Artist Submission function effectively and efficiently allows your agent to submit one or more artists' profiles electronically in response to breakdowns received via the eCaster system or via other means. Your agent can perform profile submissions using a variety of secure and quick methods. Artist submissions can be sent within the eCaster system to network members or your thumbnail images can be embedded in an email format which displays your critical information beside the image. Should the client require more information about you, they can simply click on the thumbnail image and your detailed profile can be viewed via the client’s web browser.


Artist Scheduler

Each artist has an individual scheduler which can be updated at anytime from anywhere by you and your agent so you can add details about meetings, auditions, callbacks, jobs or to block out time when you aren't available. Comprehensive "real time" reports are produced to provide daily work schedules, availability and non-availability reports.



eProject is an integral part of the system as it maintains all detailed and relevant information pertaining to the job. Such information includes details about the client, the producer, advertising agency, photographer, job location, audition, call back and job dates as well as locations, wardrobe, stylist information and of course the role breakdown.

The benefit of this system is that clients can catalogue all submissions from numerous agents (including yours) effectively within the job card. Here the client can view and select which artists he/she wishes to electronically "bump-up" to audition, call-back and job level. When the client bumps the artist to the respective levels the agent is instantaneously notified by the eCaster system together with all relevant information pertaining to the job e.g. suggested appointment times. By viewing the job card, the booking agent can immediately identify which of their artists are selected and at what stage of the booking process. If you were successful for a job, your booking agent can effectively communicate all job and appointment details.

The eProject job card system also maintains scripts and sides for each role that both your agent and you can access on-line. Once completed the eProject job card is archived by the system and can be viewed for future reference. In addition details regarding the job are logged the system for you to obtain activity reporting.


Activity Reporting

Your eCaster system monitors and interactively reports to you each time your complete portfolio was viewed on-line by industry casting professionals. In addition, you can view which jobs your agent has submitted you for.


Get in the spotlight

Each and every day eCaster Network members are cast for job roles. Your eCaster system provides you with a facility to showcase your accomplishments on the eCaster public home page.